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Art and knowledge of the Belluno stone

We would like to thank the many people who collaborated in this research project: institutions, backers, business partners, consultants and all the people who made it possible to develop the activities.

We particularly wish to thank the Circolo Cultura e Stampa Bellunese President, Luigino Boito, who has carried out and supported enterprises of recovery of the local tradition, partly downloadable from the News section in this website, and who began the new research we present here:

“…Along the Piave and its tributary valleys we find stones which have been worked for centuries: from Castellavazzo to Ponte nelle Alpi, from Tambre to La Secca, from San Tomaso Agordino in Cencenighe to Gron in Sospirolo. There are five commercial varieties. The Castellavazzo stone is the most valued and it can be found in two colours: one variety is grey, the second is reddish with veins, which, being very hard, is preferred to the former for its manifold uses…”

Our desire is to give value to the art and craft heritage existing in the Belluno area, to divulge culture and knowledge and to give an opportunity and a setting for the professions and activities linked to these sectors to be restored, through the study of the qualities of the different materials present in the territory, with particular attention to their ancient uses in the local tradition. We have gathered the research together in this website, because we intend to increase the value and to show the beauty of the artistic/architectural and cultural heritage of the Belluno area in Italy as well as abroad; we also wish to collect contents and observations, being a cultural and reference platform for identification and debate.
We hope that the material at your disposal will be interesting and we would be glad to start a confrontation, opening the way for new subjects to be analysed.

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Monia Franzolin
Martina Boito
Eugenio Colleselli


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Biblioteca Civica di Belluno
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Eugenio Colleselli
Matteo Crema
Roberta De Min
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Circolo Cultura e Stampa Bellunese Office
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