Project Dolomia

DOLOMIA. The Dolomia Road: a Rock’s Journey through the Dolomites.

ITAT 2036 – CUP B31J17000160004
30/01/2019 – 31/12/2020


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The Project

The project has been designed to enhance the Dolomite material by promoting its knowledge and shared and conscious use through the identification and linkage of geosites present in the project area, geological analysis of this rock, mapping of quarries, its past and present methods of extraction and Processing, conducting a census of the sites of interest where it was used, the identification of sites where pilot projects of analysis and analysis of restorative conservation of artefacts made with Dolomia, its present day’s utilization, the creation of an ecosustainable interregional geo-tourism path, the cross-border exchange of good practices of analysis and sustainable exploitation of the good stone. The project is closely linked to the area of the Province of Belluno where the Dolomites are declared in 2009 the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the area of Tyrol, of Dolomitic rocks of Belluno. The valorisation of this common environmental and cultural heritage is to be the key to sustainable regional development, also at tourist level, which considers mountains as the natural link between the two areas and as a moment of encounter between the way of high education and the World of stone professionals.

Expected results

The project stems from the need to strengthen cross-border cooperation between the two border areas through the creation of new cultural, tourism and research synergies starting from the younger generations continuing towards higher education up to professionals in the related sectors. The creation of a close relationship between the highly professional realities of the two territories to create new human heritages through shared knowledge, will make it possible to maintain high levels of quality of life in the border area, increase economic competitiveness thanks to the presence of a capital highly specialized human being thus fighting the threat of mountain depopulation especially in reference to the new generations. The project will give the area between the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites and the Tyrolean Alps the opportunity to be rediscovered by its inhabitants and to be explored in a guided and eco-sustainable way by tourists, covering its history from the formation of the area at a geological level, through the use of the territory by man with reference to the Dolomia stone material. In this way we want to bring to light the close connection that has united the two territories for millions of years, making it clear that the mountains are not an element of separation but of union and that they should not be seen as a problematic area but as a particularly rich and heterogeneous enhanced through the creation of a reticular path that connects the points of interest linked to the “Dolomia” theme of the two territories.

Priority Axis 2 – Nature and culture
Thematic objective 6 – Preserve and protect the environment and promote the efficient use of resources.
OP 6c investment priority – Conserving, protecting, promoting and developing the natural and cultural heritage.
Specific objective 4 – Protection and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage.
Action 10 – Protection, conservation and soft enhancement of the common natural and cultural heritage.
Reference call Interreg V-A Italy-Austria – Call 2017.

Financial support from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) € 637.204,00
National financial support € 45.060,00
Project budget € 750.764,00 
Public funding € 682.264,00

Financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Interreg V-A Italy-Austria 2014-2020.

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DOLOMIA – THE DOLOMIA ROAD: a rock’s journey through the Dolomites.




DOLOMIA – Maps: Agordino | Province of Belluno | Tyrol



New data of the composition of the Dolomite in the eastern Alps





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