Stone in our future

Looking deeply into the value of this raw material found in Belluno, we studied its history and the uses made of it in art, architecture and daily life from the origins up to the present. We intend to shed light to the existing art and craft heritage, to promote and recover local and traditional themes and to use them in new works, following the inspiring principle “unearth the old to build the new”.


The history of the stone


A path sculpted in time.

The geology of the stone


Belluno’s jewels.

Architecture, material, development

We intend to highlight the qualities of the natural stone, as well as those of other materials easily found in Belluno area, and their importance from an ecological point of view. The traditions and the way of building, linked to the local regional history, are considered. Old knowledge is compared with new recently-made projects, which test the potentials of the materials in their uses and combinations of different finishes and processing.

Special uses of Belluno stone.


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